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Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 3 – What Lurks In The Shadows?

For this challenge, I decided to take a trip to my favorite graveyard. I was pleasantly surprised to find it almost completely abandoned, except for a few people wandering in and out. Considering it is the week before Halloween and the reputation of the cemetery I found myself in luck.

The Fulton family gravestone is probably the most well-known. It is definitely the largest and most interesting that remains in the cemetery. I’ve always found it interesting that the “Father” headstone held a place of honor to the right of the main family marker but bore no name. (There were A LOT of Fultons but I’m guessing that everyone knew which one this was?)


The creep factor, if you want to look at it that way, is when you walk around to the back.

Infant Daughter

This is where you find the “Infant Daughter” marker, once again with no name or dates. It’s curious that it is hidden behind the main gravestone. As long as I can remember, people have left offerings for the unknown Infant Daughter. Today’s haul was nothing to sneeze at- many stuffed toys, coins, sports team game schedules, gum, candy and a black candle. And it was only as I moved in to get a closer look at the key and horse charm laying on top of the marker that I saw the bear nestled behind the infant marker and leaning against the large family marker, staring up at me.

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