Windy Day

It has been a windy autumn around here. It makes us laugh because our neighbor spends hours and sometimes days removing all of the fallen leaves from his lawn only to have ours blow over to cover his grass once again.

Photo a Day- Windy

Hope you’re doing well in your part of the world!


Something Old

For today’s prompt I could have easily used a photo of myself these days because whether or not I’m looking old, I feel years older than I am. I settled for this 100+ years old gravestone.

Photo a day- Old

Are you ready for a weekend?


Loving Tribute

I don’t get here often, but when I do, I never know what to expect. Gifts and offerings are always left at this marker, no matter what time of year it is. This photo shows a small portion of the gifts left for the Infant Daughter.

Over the years this abandoned cemetery has been subject to vandals, satan worshippers, ghost hunters and spirit lovers. Despite various attempts by troublemakers to move headstones or cover them with graffiti, the Infant Daughter marker seems to remain untouched from harm. It’s reassuring to know that maybe some things are sacred.

Photo a day- your choice

Hope you have a peaceful day!