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Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

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When my middle child came out as transgender, our lives got shaken up quite a bit. Besides not really understanding what this meant for Kris and his life, we quickly learned that not everyone was going to feel comfortable with the news that our middle child, formerly known as our daughter, Kerri, was not in fact, our daughter.

These quotes resonate with me because we had to learn to bounce, and we couldn’t waste a second. So as we were heading straight for the ground, we had to pull ourselves together, hold on tight and have faith as our feet hit. We could either splatter all over the pavement and lay there a sad broken mess, or we could lightly touch the ground, bend our knees and push up, heading toward great new experiences. We chose to bounce.

In addition to potentially shattering, we could have easily turned to hate. While being shunned by the very people we thought would be our main support system, we could have turned that rejection into something ugly. There was a lot of pain and more feelings to work through than I thought possible but embracing hate was something that was not happening. Instead I chose to focus on loving the ones who were still here and cherishing their place in my life.

It has been 4-1/2 years since Kris came out to us and it feels like a lifetime. As Kris continues his work on becoming his true authentic self, and as I work to understand my middle child and to love and support him as best I can, I’m sure there will be lots of bouncing in our futures. As long as we can keep bouncing and embrace love, I think we will be just fine.

The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers

bounce quote

This quote brought Tigger to mind, as anything to do with bouncing will. You can learn about Vivian Komori- here. Tigger has bounced in and out of our lives since before my youngest, Andy learned to walk. Right before he took his first steps, he would bounce in place. “Teeeeger” was his favorite Winnie the Pooh character. Little did we know how telling that was until Andrew walked, or should I say bounced. To this day, Andrew has a spring in his step which makes him easy to identify everywhere he goes.

Very early on, little baby Beej expressed an interest in Tigger. He is mesmerized when Tigger enters his line of vision and has recently been reaching out to grab his furry friend. It appears that Beej has inherited Uncle Andrew’s love for Tigger.

This quote really jumped out at me this morning. There are times when I feel like I’m not accomplishing everything I should and it’s been weighing me down. I’m not making progress. I’m letting the smallest obstacles trip me up. After first thinking about Tigger, Andrew and Beej, this quote really got me thinking about my response to what’s going on. I think I lost my bounce somewhere along the way. All it takes is one unexpected thing and I’m knocked off course. I seem to have forgotten how to bounce back on track, or at least look at the direction I’ve been pushed and see if it’s worth pursuing.

It’s time for me to channel my inner-Tigger and get my bounce back!

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