CBWC: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

What a day! It’s been cold (but not really freezing cold), rainy and gray all day. It’s the kind of day where a person can easily get sucked into a rabbit hole and find that the morning has flown by. This is an unfamiliar feeling because I’ve spent two years on Covid time, where each day is approximately 100 hours long. Yes, here in the US we apparently are moving on and I guess Covid is just going to disappear in a puff of smoke. I sure hope someone catches that on video because I don’t want to miss it!

After realizing hours had passed and the most work I had done on my blog was to read my “About” page, I decided to post something! We won’t talk about my About page. Not now, at least.

I can always count on Cee to have something good for me to do. This week’s CBWC: Rocks, Boulders, Stones is just the thing!

I hope this post finds you warm/cool, safe and peaceful!


Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Part 1

My original plan was to have a thankful post every day. Since Nanowrimo is also part of November, I decided to change the written posts to daily photos, showing something I’m thankful for. Before October ended and I realized I had no idea what I would be writing about for my Nano novel, I quickly revised my plan to something more manageable. My final plan is to divide the month into 5 equal parts and share six photos in each post depicting part of each day. And so, two days late (yikes, really?) here is my first six days of thankful, grateful, blessed.

I hope to be checking in more often, although when- I’m not sure! I’m already a few days behind for Nanowrimo but hopeful that I’ll make up the lost time by the end of this week.

Take care and stay safe!