Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back of Things

I could optimistically say that I’m going to get back in the swing of posting again. And I might just believe myself. But let’s be honest here…. my track record is spotty at best. The last 8-10 months have hit me hard. Outside demands have kept me from my everyday life. After losing my loved one three months ago, I thought I would work my way back to normalcy but that wasn’t in the cards. Another dear one fell ill and before I could catch my breath, I found myself back at the hospital more often than not. While I pray that my dear one recovers, I need to grab back some of my life…. for everyone’s sake. Especially my own.

bw backs of people

Backs of people

bw backs of people 2

And more people

bw back of chairs

And the backs of some chairs

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Back of Things


Happy Monday!


Back Off Boogaloo

What a way to begin a photo challenge post, right? Cee’s Black and While Challenge: Back of Things┬ácalled this song to mind. Unless you are a big Ringo Starr fan, you might not know it. He wrote it in 1971 and his former Beatle band mate, George Harrison produced it. At one point it made it to the number 2 spot in Britain and Canada and number 9 on America’s Billboard Hot 100. This song is pure Ringo, if you know what I mean and are familiar with his solo pieces. What does this have to do with anything? Nothing really but the word “back” in the title.

Although I could have taken this challenge in many different directions, I have a habit of taking photos of the backs of my family. At times they have little patience with posed pictures and me trying to capture the moment. I have found that sometimes the best pictures come when the subjects don’t know their picture is being taken!

Cee's BW Challenge