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G is for Gang…The Sugarhill Gang #AtoZChallenge

“Now what you hear is not a test, I’m rapping to the beat…”

In 1979 I was fifteen, which means I was just reaching my stride as a teenager. “Rapper’s Delight” was my favorite song. It was performed by the Sugarhill Gang and it was the first rap song to make the Top 40 list on the Billboard Hot 100. The Sugarhill Gang was comprised of Michael “Wonder Mike” Wright, Henry “Big Bank Hank” Jackson, and Guy “Master Gee” O’Brien. The group broke up in 1985 but went on to reunite in 1999 and perform again in a 2016 world tour.

Back in 2014 I participated in a song challenge and I featured this song. Looking back at the post, I liked it so I decided to dust it off and share it here.

Today’s song is “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang. This is an American rap song from 1979. It was hard to come up with a song that reminds me of my most recent ex-boyfriend when I’ve been married forever and a day. I consider the song a classic- the epitome of everything rap music should be. (I can already hear my friend, John, groaning loudly…) I can’t help it. This song gets me singing rapping every time I hear it.

The guy this reminds me of is Rob. This song was popular at the local hangout where I met Rob. He wasn’t necessarily a fan of the song, but it was one of my favorites and he knew that. We remained friends all these years and a few years ago he called me when it was playing on the radio. I could barely hear his voice over the music he had turned up to its loudest volume. “Can you hear that?” he shouted.

“Yes!” I yelled back even though I don’t think it was necessary. I heard a few seconds of music until it suddenly cut off. Then Rob’s voice was back in my ear. “I had to call you when I heard that song.”

My curiosity was piqued. “Why?”

“Every time I hear this song, I think of you.”

I smiled and I’m sure it showed in my voice. “Is that a good thing?”

And as always, I was sure he was grinning to accompany the sincere, “Yeah!”

It warmed my heart. This was a glimpse of the Rob I had fallen for as a teenager all those years ago. And since that day, every time I hear this song, I think of him, too. 🙂

Working my way through my 1970’s has brought back many long-forgotten memories. Each day bounces me to a different age, my own personal time machine. Today’s Kat was the always awkward shy girl but she was growing up and changing. She was no longer a child but a teenager. A gawky skinny teenager who had just cut her long hair to her shoulders!! Skin tight straight leg jeans were the thing. (Now they are called skinny jeans and boy does spandex help!) Makeup was new and exciting. Way too many hours spent curling hair with a curling iron and plastering it with hairspray only to have it fall straight within a few even shorter hours. But what fun!

Oh, and Rob? Our kids have grown up together. We’ve shared weddings. And now we are at the grandkid stage. Maybe not boyfriend material, Rob is an irreplaceable friend.

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G is for Grandma Mazur

If you are familiar with Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, you need no intro to her Grandma Mazur. If not, here’s a little background. Stephanie Plum is a bounty hunter. She locates people who have skipped out on their bail. But she’s not the star of the show here.

It’s all about Grandma. To date the series has 26 books, with a few extras here and there. Stephanie’s grandma, who lives with her parents, is like no other grandma I’ve ever known.

Here are a few Grandma Mazur highlights-

  • Her favorite pastime is attending wakes. She’s likes to arrive early to get a front row seat, especially if the deceased has been shot. She dresses in her finest with her gun carrying handbag on her lap. And if it’s a closed casket, beware, because she will probably try to sneak a peak.
  • Speaking of her gun, she carries it with her everywhere and fancies herself to be another Clint Eastwood.
  • She loves to try out the latest fashion, whether it’s bike shorts or leggings. She’s been known to get herself dolled up and even teeter around on stilettos.
  • She’s not afraid to try new hairstyles….. or colors.
  • Her love life is more active than people half her age.
  • She’s always up for an adventure.
  • She has no filter. Literally no filter. No one ever knows what she’s going to say. All one does know is that it’s probably going to be either shocking, funny, or both.

I can only wish to have a fraction of Grandma’s energy and gumption when I reach that age!

If you like a good laugh, I recommend the Stephanie books. Grandma Mazur is only a small part of a diverse cast of characters.


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E is for Elphaba

elphaba wicked“However in the world did her skin come green?” Nanny wondered, stupidly, for Melena blanched and Frex reddened, and the baby held her breath as if trying to turn blue to please them all. Nanny had to slap her to make her breath again.”
― Gregory Maguire, Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

And so we meet Elphaba, the baby girl who would grow up to be the Wicked Witch of the West.

Why this quote of all the options I had? It’s simple. It jumped out at me. “-and the baby held her breath as if trying to turn blue to please them all.” To me, it offered a stark contrast to the question “Are people born wicked?” which is a theme throughout the book. From the time she was born, this green skinned girl had to fight for things that were a given for others. I’ve heard the word- misunderstood- used to describe Elphaba and it couldn’t be more accurate. Throughout the book, the reader is shown that she wasn’t truly born wicked. More often than not her actions were misunderstood. But she never gave up- not even when she thought she had given up. This is one of the qualities I like best about Elphaba. Despite her weaknesses, she was stronger than she could ever imagine herself to be. And I believe that her wickedness was born out of necessity to survive in a world that was determined to see her as wicked.

I don’t remember being overly curious about why the Wicked Witch was wicked in the Wizard of Oz. Being one of my favorite movies from childhood, I watched it endless times but accepted that in most stories, there’s a villain and in this one it is the witch.

If you haven’t read the book, have no desire to, and love the musical, it’s all good. If you grew up with the movie and want it to stay sacred, that’s good too. Or if you’re like me and want to turn the movie, book and musical into a joint effort, overview, collection, I’m not sure of a clearer picture of what the whole story could be, that’s an option, too.

I’m terribly behind in the A to Z Challenge- Obviously. When I began this post this morning I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say about Elphaba. I had chosen a handful of quotes and my plan was to see if any one quote stood out. I can tell you that it wasn’t until I saw that the SoCS was ‘joint’ that it all seemed to come together….well sort of.

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D is for Davidson- Charley Davison

And now for someone a little different. My D female fictional character is Charley Davidson. She is the main character in the book series by the same name written by Darynda Jones.

Charley is definitely a departure from the characters that I’ve highlighted so far. She is a private investigator/grim reaper. She sees the dead and as she is a portal to heaven, she sees parts of their lives as they pass through her. She’s pretty badass but it takes her awhile to realize just how much. She doesn’t have time to escape in a good book or daydream about saving the world because she’s actually living it. She has a penchant for naming things in her life, such as her appliances, furniture, body parts…. She is witty and sarcastic and pretty cool.

“I totally need to read that book how to win friends and influence people. But that would involve an innate desire to win friends and influence people.” -Charley Davidson in First Grave on the Right

(We are nothing alike except of innate lack of desire to win friends and influence people.)


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C is for Catherine

“I am delighted with the book. I shall like to spend my whole life reading it.” -Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey

Being one of the last Jane Austen books read, Northanger Abbey rivaled Pride and Prejudice and Emma as my favorite. Catherine. The book begins with her as a teenager who is addicted to gothic novels. Her imagination gets the best of her as she tries to apply what she finds in books to real life and finds the two to be quite different from each other. She sees mystery where there is none. Throughout the book she learns and grows but remains her unique self.

These days I find myself with my nose stuck in a book as much as possible. If I could, I would just curl up in my favorite chair reading. It’s my favorite escape and best anxiety reliever.

Are you a reader of Jane Austen? Do you have a favorite? Are you familiar with Catherine and Northanger Abbey?


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