Z is for Zoom #AtoZChallenge

ZOOM first aired on tv in 1972. It was mostly unscripted with an all child cast. It wasn’t a spring board for child stars- in fact the children’s contracts restricted them from making any tv appearances or commercials for three years after they left the show. The children did not stay on the show long, either because of age or being on “enough” episodes. They did not want “stars” on the show although some of the kids were more popular than others.

I remember Bernadette and her cool arm movements. I cannot describe these movements but they are memorable. In my research looking around for her arm thingies, I discovered that some of the former Zoomers (now parents theirselves) had made Zoom like videos called “ZOOM Into Action. I’ve added Bernadette’s video- complete with her arm thingie at the beginning of her intro.

ZOOM was unique because it was mostly unscripted and there were no adults on the show. I felt like I could relate to the kids on the screen because they seemed like kids I might find in my school.

I can’t believe I made it through the entire month of Blogging From A to Z! It was my most effortless attempt and although it did not produce any amazing writing, it did bring back many fond memories.

I’ve wanted to use the 1970’s as a theme for a few years now. I’m glad that it worked out!!

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Happy Friday!


C is for Carol Burnett #AtoZChallenge

“It was a seven.”

“Are you sure?”


Growing up, we lived for Saturday nights when we could watch The Carol Burnett Show. We might not have fully understood all of the cultural references and innuendos but the show provided me and my siblings with endless nights of laughter and memories that will last forever.

I think Carol Burnett appealed to me for many reasons. Being the oldest child, I was often held back in my tv viewing by the youngest- 6 years younger. But Carol Burnett was family-friendly. And those skits- they were fun to watch even if I was unfamiliar with some of the movies or actors. The camaraderie of the cast and guest stars carried through the screen and into our home. Every week when Carol tugged her ear as a special message to her grandmother, I felt like I was sharing a private moment.

My favorite skits featured ‘The Family’ with Eunice, Ed, Mama and Mickey Hart, Mrs. Wiggins and Mr. Tudball, and the Charwoman. As kids, my siblings and I loved re-enacting our favorite skits, including Went with the Wind. I couldn’t begin to list all of the one-liners we have collected from the show. The spoofs of tv shows and movies that were popular at the time and the comedic timing of an incredibly talented cast made this show one of the highlights of our weekends.

There’s something about the Carol Burnett Show and other variety shows from that time that is missing today. It would be nice to get some of that missing element back again.

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Hope you have a relaxing weekend!