Yesterday Once More

On a whim, I thought I would look back and see if I had anything interesting to share for Fandango’s Flashback Friday. Well, little did I know that one of my all time favorite posts was written five years ago on this date!

I haven’t been writing much for a few year now other than Blogging from A to Z in April and NaNoWriMo in November and it has been eating away at me. I have no one to blame but myself. Because of my loooonnnng dry spell, the only folks who know me are the ones who were around back a few years ago. I really need to remedy that!!

Until I get writing, here’s a look into what Teen Kat was like- a bit of an odd duck, to say the least!

Dandelion Fuzz

“If you were offered a recording contract, what favourite song would you record and release into the singles charts?”

This is the question posed by Hugh in his post- 51 Weeks: 51 Songs From the Past: Week 38. 

In 1973 The Carpenters released “Yesterday Once More” on the B side of their Now and Then album. This song kicked off an oldies medley that included 8 cover songs from the 1960’s as part of an old time radio show. (This video is 19 minutes long- the entirety of that side. You can stop after the first song, or listen all the way through.)

2017 Kat will be stepping aside to make room for Teen Kat to step up to the microphone.



Hi! It’s me, (Teen) Kat here. I’m here to sing the song that is going to skyrocket my name into the top selling hit charts of the year……

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Photography Challenges

Pull Up a Seat

The seat photos that I am sharing for XingfuMama’s Pull Up a Seat Photo Challenge are both unique in their own ways.

Although they look pretty cool, I think they might fall short on comfort.
No doubt this chair will fall apart, if it doesn’t completely crumble into a pile of dust, if someone should want to sit on it.

Happy Friday!