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CFFC: Would Make a Friend Happy

It’s been awhile. I didn’t realize that the last time I posted would be the last time for a stretch. Unexpectedly my laptop crashed on me and could not be revived. At the same time I was staring at a black screen with an apple staring blankly back at me, my iPad’s home button when on the fritz and within a 24 hour period I was down to my phone as my only means of communicating with the outside world. The horror!!! (Remember when we were all dependent on a landline and even worse a landline WITHOUT call-waiting OR an answering machine???!!!???)

So apparently my Macbook air or Mac Air book or whatever it was called was obsolete, as so many Apple products are these days. And so was my iPad. It appears that I was living on borrowed time. I wish I had known so I was better prepared. I should have been better prepared. I should have known better. Although all of this technology has been here for awhile, I still have not gotten my act together and foolishly had things saved on my laptop, which are probably gone forever. And so I’m starting from scratch. I had amassed a pretty impressive collection of photos for photo challenges but now I have none. Well, I actually have some on my phone but in all honesty as creative as I can be, a person can only use cute pics of their pup for so many challenges!

So here I am back, with my photos for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Would Make a Friend Happy!

Drinks with a friend
Playing a card game together!
A walk with my friend

“Happiness is spending time with friends!”


Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “CFFC: Would Make a Friend Happy

  1. How frustrating for you! Technology is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth, in my opinion, but then I’m from that generation the survived with the landline attached to a cord with no answering machine!! Love your photos anyway. I would enjoy everyone of those times spent with friends.

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    1. Sadly no. For reasons unknown to everyone (including myself) I didn’t save much to iCloud. I think I was very untrusting of “the cloud” and resisted. It’s the perfect time to start over and get my stuff figured out! 🙂

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  2. That does sound pretty awful to have everything go out like that. I do remember those days before we had all the neat technology. How we managed, I don’t know! haha 🙂
    All nice things for making a friend happy.

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    1. It’s been a trip but I’m used to this happening. I used to get very upset when I lost things. I’m married to a tech guy so you might think I wouldn’t have to worry about this happening…… 🙂

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