Blogging A to Z Challenge

Here it is, March 30th. And I’m realizing that I have not posted in a month. It isn’t from lack of trying. Luckily I could feel April coming and the Blogging A to Z Challenge was breathing down my neck. So while I was beating myself up for the record number of attempts I had made at completing a post over the past weeks, I knew that no matter what else happened, I would be participating in this challenge. And here I am with a day to spare!

I’ve spent the last week or so bouncing between themes. I like to have a better idea of what I’m doing sooner than this but it was not happening. I toyed with the idea of Mindfulness, Self-Care, Positivity, and Anxiety…. and yes, I kept seeing many similarities between the lists. Although I am the Queen of Anxiety, I felt that it hardly qualified me to speak to the matter.

Somehow I found myself leaning toward quotes of some kind. It didn’t take long for me to decide to visit my old friend, Winnie the Pooh. Pooh and his friends have been the source of much comfort over the years.

So here I go!

Hope this post finds you well! I’m hoping to reconnect with the blogging world through this challenge.