Not Ready to Launch

Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: Launch

“CDC eases masking guidance for 70% of the country…” And so begins a notification from my local news source that appeared on my phone last Friday.

Yippeee……. okay, no, not really. I know I’m in the minority here or wherever but I’m not jumping for joy at the guidance that lets us ditch our masks. I’ve spent nearly two years in an area of the US that has had the tightest safety restrictions and I’ve been okay with it. Until omicron came to town, those restrictions had kept me and my loved ones safe from Covid.

That pesky omicron did not care that we had spent nearly two years practicing the recommended and/or mandated measures and it quickly swept through our family. All except seven-year-old Beej were fully vaccinated. We were fortunate and no one was seriously ill. Everyone has fully recovered except for me. I cannot seem to shake this draining exhaustion. It seemed to come out of nowhere. I was symptom-free and moving on and then one day I woke up exhausted. Occasionally I will have a day where I’m not dragging myself around or falling asleep before 8pm only to wake the following morning feeling as if I just pulled an all-nighter. After five weeks of this on and off, I’m tired of everything.

I don’t want to go without a mask. I don’t want to do anything. I’m tired.

On Friday when I went into a school for a meeting, I was told that masks were optional by a person who was not wearing a mask. Instead of feeling appreciative of her kindly letting me know that I didn’t need a mask, I swallowed down a feeling of complete panic. Ugh. Now I had anxiety to deal with in addition to feeling so tired.

I understand that many people are excited to hear about the CDC’s launch of new recommendations. I’m just not one of them. Not yet.

Hope all is well in your part of the world!


CMMC- February X Marks the Spot or the Letter X

For this week’s Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge, photos must begin with letter X, X marks the spot or the letter X anywhere in the word.

It’s a little out of focus but here is Rex from Toy Story.
How about a xylophone with color-coordinated bears?
At least a few of these screws are crossed like an X.

I hope you are having an awesome weekend!


CBWC: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

What a day! It’s been cold (but not really freezing cold), rainy and gray all day. It’s the kind of day where a person can easily get sucked into a rabbit hole and find that the morning has flown by. This is an unfamiliar feeling because I’ve spent two years on Covid time, where each day is approximately 100 hours long. Yes, here in the US we apparently are moving on and I guess Covid is just going to disappear in a puff of smoke. I sure hope someone catches that on video because I don’t want to miss it!

After realizing hours had passed and the most work I had done on my blog was to read my “About” page, I decided to post something! We won’t talk about my About page. Not now, at least.

I can always count on Cee to have something good for me to do. This week’s CBWC: Rocks, Boulders, Stones is just the thing!

I hope this post finds you warm/cool, safe and peaceful!