Fandango’s Provocative Question #126

It’s been awhile since I answered one of Fandango’s Provocative Questions but this one jumped out at me. You can click on the link to find out more!

“Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19 yet? And if not, why the fuck not?”

Yes, I am fully vaccinated. It has only been one month and I was shocked to realize this. It felt like at least three or four months ago that I got my first dose. Wow! COVID time (as we call it) is SOOOOOO SLOW! No wonder I’m still having a difficult time feeling any sort of level of comfort without a mask and therefore not even close to going without. Especially as I see more people ditching theirs.

I have my own crackpot theory about a lot of the folks I see without masks. I think they are not vaccinated and just taking advantage of not having to be harassed about not wearing the masks. And I think the majority of the mask wearers are like me, vaccinated and cautious. My logic is that the antimaskers hardly wore masks when covid was running rampant through our towns- why on earth would they do the RIGHT thing and suddenly wear a mask now?????

I live in the Midwest- near Chicago. Our numbers are down and everyone around me is acting as if covid is gone. And yet, I spend most of my time with a six year old who is obviously not vaccinated. Maybe the odds are against me getting COVID and spreading it to him. But I can’t help but worry that I might. Besides, as long as he has to wear a mask, his closest adults are also wearing masks when out with him. This kid has been a covid rockstar- following all safety measures and wearing a mask for school and therapy without a word of complaint. It’s the least we can do. Besides, I want him to be safe. I would never forgive myself if I got him sick.

People are respectful of my decision to not burn my mask and attend the next 300 person party I’m invited to. My bubble people are slightly less cautious than I am, which means they have eaten in public places… but that’s about as wild as we have gotten here in my house.

Anyone who really knows me is not surprised by any of this.

Until next time, please stay safe.


6 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #126

  1. Thanks for responding. Like you I am vaccinated and cautious and I still wear a mask wherever I go when away from my home. I think it’s the prudent thing to do, particularly with the surge of new cases due to the delta variant.

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