L is for Love’s Baby Soft #AtoZChallenge

THIS is what happens when I write ahead… I looked at drafts to see if I had started on my N post and here was L- all abandoned and alone!

“You can try hard….”


“Or you can try soft.”

Love’s Baby Soft- my perfume of choice as a teenager. I can conjure up the aroma in my memory. It was a light, powdery fragrance. If it’s possible, it smelled exactly like a scent named “Love’s Baby Soft” would. I’m sure I bathed myself in it but in moderation the scent was perfect for a young teenage girl who wanted to smell good. Subtle and not offensive… let me repeat- in moderation.

This commercial was a favorite to re-enact in my house growing up. My sisters and I loved nothing better than taking turns being the brazen vixen calling out “HARRY” in our interpretation of a confident ‘I’m going to grab you and make you mine’ voice alternated with the sweet, softly seductive ‘Harry’ in our coy, eyes batting sweetly, head tilted at an angle cutie pie stance. We must have driven my mother crazy!

Do you have any favorite commercials from your childhood? There are so many I wasn’t able to use… I ended up filling in my alphabet, swapping out this for that, spending hours looking through the 1970’s pop culture online to jog my memory.

This post is part of Blogging From A to Z- L.

This makes me want to search online and see if Love’s Baby Soft is still sold today!


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