H is for Holly Hobbie #AtoZChallenge

This is Holly Hobbie. Do you remember her? This is my doll from when I was a kid. I absolutely loved this doll. I was that kid who did not undress my dolls. I was very particular about this so although I might have taken her clothes off once, that was probably it. (Except for Barbies.)

Although my doll was much loved, I really don’t remember anything specific about her. Like who she was or where she came from. I have to believe that I must have known something… because how did I come to have her? From what I’ve read, she was a real person who sold her artwork to American Greetings and she was also an author. All I can remember is this doll, in addition to a stuffed doll that I also used to have.

There also were Colorforms and 3D decoupage kits. I remember having kits like the one pictured above. I took that photo when I was in a thrift store. I wish I had bought it!

Apparently there was a tv series not that long ago. Who knew? This entire Holly Hobbie is a bit of a mystery for me because it presents me with a big black hole in my memory. Did anyone else know about her?

This post is late and it is for Blogging from A to Z Challenge- H.

Have a great weekend!


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