Hey there, Sir!

This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “in the corner” and after a firm talking to and kick in the pants- both to me from me- I decided to write. Writing has been a real issue for me for awhile now. Especially in this last nine months I felt a sort of lethargy fall over me at times. It’s hard to move, think, process… you name it. I feel like so much of my life, and I’m sure everyone feels this way, has been pushed into a corner while waiting out this pandemic. I know there is the mindset that we need to keep on living throughout this and I’m trying. But the not going out, not socializing, being at home with people ALWAYS there is getting to me. And the people just going out living their lives with blatant dismissal of restrictions and complete disregard for the safety and well-being of others are making me really mad. But enough about that….

In the corner. The first thing that pops into my head is the iconic line from a movie I love. Not going to say it. If you know it, you know it. If not, does it matter? Not really for the point of this post. The movie that comes to mind reminds me of other movies from that year- 1987 to be exact- and this makes me think about Rob Lowe’s podcast that I listened to yesterday. His guest was actor Michael J. Fox and movies from the late 80’s came up in conversation. I’ve enjoyed Rob’s podcast for a few reasons. First, I’ve always had a secret girl crush on him that dates back to discovering him in the movie The Outsiders. I’ll admit it was completely superficial. I always thought he was so darn cute and still is! Next, listening to him talk to his guests he references movies, fads, a time that I remember so well. See, he’s part of a super special (only to me) club and that’s people who were born the same time (within a year or two) that I was. Melissa Gilbert was one of the first members of my club (unbeknownst to her), quickly followed by Sandra Bullock, Courtney Cox, Keanu Reeves, Robert Downey Jr., and Hank Azaria. There are more but these come to mind without doing a google search, which is obviously not stream of consciousness at all, right?

Hank Azaria is actually the newest member of the Same Age as Kat Club. I’ve been binge watching Mad About You and his character, Nat – Murray’s walker and friend- was introduced recently. Being a fan of his, I had looked up his age out of curiosity. Nat is such a unique character in a show that I truly love, but seems to be filled with characters that are stereotypes. He greets Murray with a hearty ‘Hey there, Sir!’ and I love the nicknames he gives the dog because this is something I do with our dog, Ari, all the time. I think my favorite is Murray Tyler Moore.

Well, I could go on forever on this thread, which goes to show you how burnt out I am at this point.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – January 2

Stay safe!


3 thoughts on “Hey there, Sir!

  1. I think I’m maybe a year or two too young to be in your club, but I also have fond memories of late 80s movies (and Rob Lowe). Congrats on writing again! I hope you’re able to overcome the pandemic lethargy. It’s tough.

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