10 Things I Miss

Something happened this past week. I’m not sure how wide spread it is but I know it has hit most of the people I know. We all cracked just a little more. In my corner of the world we are seeing a surge in positive cases. The numbers are rising faster than they did before and it’s scary.

For me personally, it wasn’t only the rise in positive cases that caused me to break. It is the number of people who are not acting safely and causing the numbers to rise. I thought these were intelligent people who would comprehend science based facts. I am so tired of hearing You can’t live in fear and You have to start living your life.

As I am shopping for the smallest Thanksgiving dinner I’ve ever made for me and my circle (five of us in total), I made up a list of things I miss:

  1. Family gatherings
  2. Sitting at our favorite restaurant across the table from my best friend talking for a few hours… actually just eating in a public place!!!
  3. Seeing peoples’ entire faces
  4. Not having to compulsively wash my hands and use hand sanitizer on my hands multiple times a trip, keep my hands away from my face, make sure my hand sanitizer is full
  5. Taking a cart from the line of carts and not eying them suspiciously
  6. Not wondering what hot item is going to be out of stock and if it’s something I need
  7. Volunteering at school
  8. Taking for granted that a place I’m visiting is going to be open
  9. Not knowing how many anti-maskers I know and/or people on the other side and being so disappointed
  10. Thinking I know what’s going to happen next. Thank you, 2020!

What do you miss?

Stay safe!


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