Enough is Enough

rdp masksIf six months ago someone had told me that I would be sewing up face masks, lots and lots of face masks, I wouldn’t have believed it.

Maybe you are fortunate and THE virus hasn’t infected your area. Or maybe it has only had a mild impact on your life. If this is the case, I’m green with envy but also so glad that there are places where peoples’ lives haven’t been turned upside down.

Although my area is heading in the right direction….. for now…. there are so many places that are in the middle of the battle. I’m not going to pull out my soap box. I’m not debating the facts. I have researched enough and talked to enough trusted sources to firmly believe that wearing face masks (PROPERLY), washing your hands (PROPERLY), and social distancing (PROPERLY) are the key here.

What began as a task that filled a need for face masks early in our Corona days, turned into an ongoing project. As I became aware of the need for face masks in hospitals and other medical facilities and I heard the box of unused fabric calling me from the closet, I knew that I needed to contribute. I wasn’t using the fabric for anything and although my house is still chaotic, a person can only fill so many bags with donations. I have dedicated face mask time when I cut, pin and sew. I’m happy to be helping. I’ve lost count of how many masks I’ve made. And sometimes I wonder when enough is enough. But for now, it’s obviously enough. (Until people realize that they have to wear masks PROPERLY, wash their hands and social distance………….)

The truth is that face masks are going to be part of our lives for awhile, possibly longer than some people realize. If I’m able to fill a need, I’m happy to do it.


Stay safe,


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Peaceful Protest

My youngest child and I had the opportunity to participate in a peaceful protest. We weren’t sure what to expect, not knowing much about the area where the protest took place, but we were eager to be more involved. Despite a hotter than average day, there were hundreds and probably more protesters. People gathered from all walks of life, all ethnicities and ages. Families marched. Friends marched. It was moving to be part of such a large group all joined in unity, working toward a common goal.

I was anxious because it was a large group. Having been in quarantine for the last three months, my contact with “the outside world” had consisted of grocery stores. I was concerned to be in proximity of so many, especially given the general attitude I’ve been encountering of people tired of sheltering in place and masks and rebelling. The vast majority of protesters wore masks. Although the crowd was big, social distancing was relatively easy.

And finally, people of opposing opinion? Well, if they were present, they were silent observers. We never heard a negative word spoken.

It was peaceful protesting for an important issue at its best. Black Lives Matter

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Peace and love,