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F is for Frances

frances booksFrances is the star of my F female fictional character. Things we know about Frances- she is a feisty, headstrong, and funny badger. She has a little sister and she loves to make up songs to express her feelings.

Russell Hoban wrote a total of seven Frances books from 1964-1972. Although I remember being aware of the books, I have no memory of ever having read them or else I would have definitely shared them with my own children. When it became evident that little Beej craved new books regularly, I had to branch out and try books I wasn’t familiar with.

Frances was an immediate hit. What I really like about the books is how timeless they are. Written 50 years ago, they address issues that kids (or should I say parents and grandparents) still face today. Bedtime, friendship, new siblings, food, sharing……

Here is a excerpt from our very first Frances book- Bread and Jam for Frances.  In this story, Frances does not want to eat what she is served and prefers only bread and jam.

Frances did not eat her egg.
She sang a little song to it.
She sang the song very softly:

“I do not like the way you slide,
I do not like your soft inside,
I do not like you lots of ways,
And I could do for many days
Without eggs.”

-Bread and Jam for Frances, Russell Hoban

Frances might be the youngest fictional character I feature but she can hold her own among the rest.


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4 thoughts on “F is for Frances

  1. Oh one of my favorites! I read them to my girls years ago, and we still mention Frances every so often. I seem to remember there were record albums of someone reading the stories, so we’d listen to them at nap time too. 🙂

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