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C is for Catherine

“I am delighted with the book. I shall like to spend my whole life reading it.” -Catherine Morland in Northanger Abbey

Being one of the last Jane Austen books read, Northanger Abbey rivaled Pride and Prejudice and Emma as my favorite. Catherine. The book begins with her as a teenager who is addicted to gothic novels. Her imagination gets the best of her as she tries to apply what she finds in books to real life and finds the two to be quite different from each other. She sees mystery where there is none. Throughout the book she learns and grows but remains her unique self.

These days I find myself with my nose stuck in a book as much as possible. If I could, I would just curl up in my favorite chair reading. It’s my favorite escape and best anxiety reliever.

Are you a reader of Jane Austen? Do you have a favorite? Are you familiar with Catherine and Northanger Abbey?


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Happy Reading!


5 thoughts on “C is for Catherine

    1. I’m a big fan too! I love all of her books except Mansfield Park. I just couldn’t get past the fact that Fanny Price and Edmund were cousins. 🙂


      1. I have a stockpile of movie and tv version of Jane Austen books to watch. I haven’t gotten too far into that watch list yet. I’m kind of relieved to hear that you found it the hardest to read because that makes me think that maybe part of my issue with the book could be that same thing. It’s been a long time since I read it.


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