What You Do

bw emergency roomAlmost three weeks ago I stood in a room feeling the walls crashing in around and on me. My loved one was having a health crisis and would need to be taken to the emergency room. I’m not one to share my personal life drama on social media and my loved one, being an especially private person, did not want anyone knowing about the hospital stay. After stints on the ICU, Step Down and Telemetry floors, she is at a rehabilitation center, trying to gain some strength and get back on her feet both literally and figuratively. We did not leave the hospital with the best possible outcome and as far as looking forward goes, we take it day by day. Every day seems to bring a new challenge, which we do our best to overcome.

I’ve missed my blog and all my blogging buddies. Although the words have been racing through my head constantly, they have become elusive the rare times I was able to sit down in front of a keyboard. I’ve continued to take photos, mostly in the hospital setting or on the route to the hospital.

img_8796My days are spent talking and for someone like me, who thrives on silence, the drain is unbearable most of the time. Whether I’m talking to doctors or nurses or updating family members, I’m always talking and I’m so over the sound my voice. When I do have those fleeting moments of precious silence, I’m usually poring over my notes or replaying conversations in my head, trying to make sure I’m asking the right questions and not missing anything. Why? Somehow I have been elected the keeper- the keeper of the updates, the history, the doctors’ names, the medications….the keeper of everything. It’s kind of a sucky job but someone has to do it, right?

My loved one has visitors today so my presence is not required…. at least not as much as other days. I’m grateful for the time to sit here in silence with my laptop and my pup, Ari.

As time passes, I’ve tried to squeeze in a smidgen of time for myself but those times are very rare and that’s okay with me. I don’t begrudge my loved on a second of my time. That’s what you do when you love someone, right?

Take care

And if you are anywhere near my part of the world, stay warm!


7 thoughts on “What You Do

  1. You’re doing it exactly the way I would be doing it, Kat. Without people like us, people’s lives would be so different and probably a little worse. I’d certainly wouldn’t hesitate to give those I love all the time I had if they needed it.
    Take care.

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    • As I look around the facility where my loved one is recovering her strength and see all the people who never have any family or friends visit, I know that this is where I need to be. 🙂

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  2. Being a “carer” is hard, physically, mentally and emotionally. I have been there – it is indeed a “sucky” job, but one we would not choose to ignore. Asking The Universe to send good things towards you all.

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