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Chestnuts Roasting…


Christmas, 1985. My boyfriend, cousin and I were squeezed comfortably in a loveseat made for two. A fire crackled in the fireplace, a cheerful addition to the festive music and laughter that filled the house. A good time was being had by all. Although close to the fireplace, we paid no mind to the heat.  We were having great fun, us three. It was only when someone walked into the room shouting that we looked up. Imagine our surprise when we discovered the room had filled with smoke. We did our best Three Stooges imitation, all trying to get up from the loveseat at the same time only to find ourselves wedged in! Who knew you shouldn’t burn wrapping paper?

tell me a tale in 100 words

Tell Me a Tale in (Exactly) 120 Words- December

Photo a Day Challenge- Fireplace

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