This Little Chair of Mine

rocking chair

My rocking chair

When I was only a year old, my parents gave me this rocking chair for Christmas. They had saved up enough S&H Green Stamps to order it from the Ideabook, aka the S&H catalog. If you aren’t familiar with the idea, here is how it worked. A person received green stamps when they checked out at the grocery store. They would then save these stamps in a stamp book and when they filled the book, they could redeem them for merchandise ordered through the Ideabook.

This rocking chair quickly became the chair of choice when we were growing up. It’s not really suited for anyone over 50 pounds but that didn’t matter to us. If one of us walked into the living room and all the seats were taken, or we were only stopping in for a short time, we took to sitting in my little chair. Suffice it to say, our bottoms quickly became too big to squeeze into it so we made do and perched on top. I’m not sure which one of us, me or my siblings, came upon the idea to turn the chair around and straddle it, resting on the arms, but whoever did it first was a genius…. at least in our eyes. That position extended the chair’s use long beyond its time and as young adults we continued to use it as a sitting place until my niece came along and used it correctly.

For some unknown reason, my rocking chair never made it to my possession when I had my children. My niece, nephews and children enjoyed it over at Grandma’s house. And this little chair just kept chugging along. To the best of my knowledge it never required repairs or strengthening, which is nothing short of a miracle considering the workout received from two generations of children/young adults.

And then without any fanfare, one day my parents brought my chair to my house for my grandchildren to enjoy. My dad had spruced it up with a fresh coat of paint. For whatever reason, little Beej was not amused by this chair in the least. We all sat watching  his reaction with anticipation. I know it was an emotional moment for my parents- to see my grandson sitting in the rocking chair they had gotten for their first born child all those years ago. I imagine at that time they didn’t even consider that the chair would still be standing strong or that they would live to see their great-grandchild rocking in it.

But Beej had other thoughts on the matter. He stood three feet away from the offensive chair, and believe me- there was no doubt that this chair offended him greatly! He glared at it and pointed, making it clear that the chair must leave. I’m sure it wasn’t the response my parents had expected and they left trying to mask their disappointment. As is Beej’s nature, he does things in his own time and within a few weeks he was settling in his new chair, dragging it all over the house and rocking every place he could find. A year later it is his go to chair and we find it pulled up to his desk, his toy kitchen and the ottoman he likes to use a table.

It fills my heart with the warm fuzzies when I think of my little chair being part of my grandchildren’s lives and who knows? Maybe even my great grandchildren!

Happy Saturday!




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