A Long Time Ago

Teen Kat is taking over to share an embarrassing moment. It took place 30+ years ago and she remembers it much better than I do.

HI! Teen Kat stepping in here. Last time you saw me I was giving the performance of my life in my basement but for today’s post, I dropped the microphone and I’m hanging out with a guy I think I like. He’s an old school bad boy. Think dark wavy hair, almost covering impenetrable brooding eyes, long and lanky in faded levis and a snug shirt. He is not my type and how I ended up here with him is another story. 

We have been walking around the mall and getting to know each other. He is doing more talking than me and he’s very patient with my awkward social skills. I can’t understand why he’s wasting time with me because I can see by the looks n the faces of passing girls that they would trade spots with me in seconds flat. And yet here I am. 

He buys me and ice cream cone and we go outside to sit on a bench to enjoy the beautiful day.  I’m trying to lick my ice cream in a lady-like manor and because I’m so worried about looking silly or getting ice cream on my face, I’m going about it slowly. Really, really slowly. 

So slowly that just as you would expect, the ice cream begins to melt. And now I’m trying to discreetly control the drips sliding down the cone, my hand, my arm……. and doing the most inept job of it! At the time he says nothing and pretends he doesn’t notice the glorious mess I’m making. I am a walking disaster that one crumpled ice cream drenched napkin cannot fix!! 

At that point, I have decided that I like this guy and I’m pretty sure I will never see him again because look at what an awkward mess I am! I wish for the ground to open and swallow me up. I want my ice cream cone to disappear because yes, believe it or not, I still have it! I want to cry. Oh man, this is not my finest moment. Most of all, I want to forget it ever happened. 

While Teen Kat scurries off to clean up, I’ll take the post back. I let Teen Kat tell the story because it makes me squirm to even think about it. It was that embarrassing. What makes it rank up there in my top 10 embarrassing moments is that bad boy ended up being present in my life to this day as a good friend and whenever he’s feeling feisty, he will ask me if I would like to get ice cream, reminding me that he was witness to such a fiasco. (And yes, it was that bad!!!)

How about you? Do you have an embarrassing moment you would like to share?






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