If I had a million dollars…

If I won the lottery, I would  definitely:

  • Help my parents find a home with no stairs.
  • Give my kids a hand as they continue their education
  • Contribute more to the little guys’ college funds

I would love to:

  • Buy a car
  • Travel
  • Get new flooring throughout the house

There are so many ways I would spend extra money, if I had it. But the truth is I don’t need those things. And what matters most- your people, being a kind person, liking yourself…. money can’t buy those things.



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I’m not lacking in bad habits. Ask anyone who knows me! Instead of making a (never-ending) list, I’m focusing on a specific habit that comes to mind.

I am reminded of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. This U.S. television show aired from 1996-2005, depicting daily life in the Barone family. The episode, “Baggage,” aired during the seventh season. It centered on a fight that Ray and Debra were having over a suitcase that was left on the stairs for three weeks. Both are fully aware that it is there and both expects the other to put it away.

I am notoriously guilty of letting “suitcases” sit on the landing while secretly stewing inside over whether someone besides me is going to put it away. I used the comparison so often that we now refer to these items as suitcases. In my own defense, many times I will ask that the item be put away or if there is a plan to put it away. But then other times….. yes, I’m passive-aggressive and stubborn and I flat out refuse to move it. My justification is simple. If I just put away every single thing that people leave laying around, I’m pretty much the housekeeper here. I believe I handle more suitcases than I should but I admit that I could handle the ones that I don’t care to move in a more positive manner.

So, there you have it- one of my bad habits. If you aren’t familiar with the baggage episode, I highly recommend you look it up and watch it. The reason this show was such a big hit is because it is so easy to relate to the dynamics in family relationships.

Have a great day!

-Kat (the one who ignores suitcases)