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x excitedIt’s difficult to chose my proudest moment. I know that like so many of my proud moments, it would include one or all of my kids. But that’s about as easy as this post gets because my kids have made me so proud over the years.

Instead I’ll share my latest proud mom moment. In the past month I watched not one but two of my children receive their Bachelor’s Degree just weeks apart. Although their journeys were quite different, I find it ironic that they are the two who share the same accomplishment at the same time. Kris and Andy have always been close and if there were ever two kids who would love to share the spotlight at this very special time in their lives, it’s these two!

The path that Kris is taking winds around and sometimes involves a scenic route or two. Earning their degree is another stop on Kris’s journey. I admire Kris’s persistence and determination. They experienced many ups and downs but they kept moving forward. Although Kris is not sure what the future holds, or which path they will be on in the fall, I know it will still lead them to where they are meant to be!

Andy started working toward his goal at a young age. While other kids were joining clubs, playing sports or just playing video games, his weekends and eventually week nights were filled with rehearsals, lessons, competitions and performances. He landed a spot in one of the top music schools in the country and recently he graduated. His plan to continue his education is the next step in reaching his goal.

Watching these two kids grow over the past four to seven years has been amazing. I continue to enjoy watching the snippets of the little kids they were join up with the adults they will eventually become to form pretty awesome people!

So, as I continue to work my way through the 30 Day Blogging Challenge at Live, Love, Simple, I’ll play back all those proud mom moments and file them in my cherished memories box.

Happy Friday!


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