‘My eyes see. His eyes see. I see him. And he sees me.’

The Eye Book, Dr. Seuss

Unless you’re me.

Eye issues have been preventing me from posting and reading for the past nearly two weeks. I’m in between procedures and hoping to get some posts written during the lull. My vision is still pretty iffy on a good day so I might be aiming too high.

I was able to read a few posts the other day and as luck would have it I was visiting a post written by Sally at Hot Dogs and Marmalade.  We met a few years ago through the Blogging A to Z Challenge and I’ve enjoyed following her ever since.

She mentioned that she was doing a Blogging Challenge she found at and as I read the prompts for each day, I felt a spark. I could write about these things! I am hoping that maybe this is the inspiration I need to get back in the business of writing.

I will be facing a few challenges as I approach the next laser treatment on the other eye but if I can get myself writing, I might just make it through and land on my feet. And as I have started reading again, I will be trying to catch up on my blog reading. I miss it so much!

This has been a humbling experience. I took my eye sight for granted. Maybe I will write about it but as I have learned through my face to face conversations, a lot of people are squeamish when it comes to eyes being poked and prodded.

I’ll be playing catch up over the next few days and hopefully will produce something very soon!!

Hope you are all doing well!