2018 A to Z Challenge · Family

U is for Unexpected #AtoZChallenge


  • “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “The only real things in life is the unexpected things. Everything else is just an illusion.” – Watkin Tudor Jones
  • “Nearly all the best things that came to me in life have been unexpected, unplanned by me.” – Carl Sandburg
  • “The twists and turns of your life can be so unexpected, and that’s a good thing to learn.” -Christina Baker Kline

Life is filled with so many unexpected moments. Whether it’s an unexpected nap on your lap, a special moment between dad and his little boy, or your precocious dog actually allowing you to take her picture, it’s important to savor those times. They are as important as the big things. All of those little moments that catch you off guard are what fills in the cracks and the empty spaces to complete the full picture.

Don’t be so caught up in those major moments that all of those little unexpected pleasures in life just pass by unnoticed and forgotten. Each day is filled with treasures.