T is for Thrift Store Finds #AtoZchallenge

thrift store sprinkles jar

You never know what you might find at a thrift store. Such was the case back in 2014 when I was with Andrew, my youngest child, at the all-state music competition. I had time to kill while Andrew was attending rehearsals and I came across this quaint thrift store.

One of the items for sale was this jar of sprinkles. Yes, it was actually for sale.

Tag reads- “For display only- these are old!!”

The other side of the tag had a price. I believe it was something like $2. This jar just cracked me up. I remember looking at it and then having to come back to it to read it again and verify that yes, someone had donated a jar of old sprinkles and yes, the shop accepted it and expected to sell it! But that jar wasn’t the inspiration for this post. It’s just an added goodie.

thrift store dishes
Tag reads- “These dishes were used by an amazing woman. She prepared countless meals with love and served those meals on these dishes. Carry on that tradition and feel blessed to have these dishes.” 

I didn’t need dishes. I wasn’t looking for dishes. But something tells me that if they were marked just a little bit lower, for the sentimental value they held, I would have purchased them. Remember Brooke, Ryan and The Little Prince? I wondered if the person who donated the dishes wrote the note or if the store employee knew the previous owner of the dishes and felt that they needed that personal note. The shop was not filled with sweet notes about dishes and sprinkles- just those two…. and somehow I felt like the messages were from the previous owner. It was such a cool little shop!

Four years later and I wonder about that thrift store. I haven’t been in that part of the state since then but if I was, I know I would be back at that store looking for more treasures. I really am a softie!

Happy Monday!




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