2018 A to Z Challenge · Family

M is for Morning Messages #AtoZChallenge



Although the trees are still bare, the wind is freezing and my car heater is working overtime to keep us warm, the sun is shining. As I drove CJ to school and then drove home, I wished I had a megaphone on my car so I could pass on some of the things that I find myself thinking and/or saying nearly every day when I’m driving.

You’d be surprised how many times you probably have the same thoughts over and over again and don’t even realize it!


Here are some that are recurring-

  • To the driver in the car that angrily passes me on the left to make a sharp right turn down a side street when I’m stopped at the train tracks (whose gates are down and lights are flashing), “Where do you want me to go?”
  • To the kind crossing guard who smiles and waves cheerfully every day, even though we don’t know each other, “Thank you for brightening my morning!”
  • To the school employee who tailgates me over half way to the school parking lot, starting to move forward at each stop sign even though I haven’t even come to a complete stop yet, then moves so close I can’t see her face in my rear view mirror because most of her car is obscured by that closeness, I have a few things to say. “It’s nice that you are so excited to get to school, that you don’t even realize you are tailgating.” “If you are being this rude because you are late and I’m in your way, then maybe you need to leave a few minutes earlier.” “The speed limit is 20 miles per hour- just a gentle reminder.” And finally,, “BACK OFF!”
  • To the children in my car, “No, we cannot play (insert whichever CDs each one wants to listen to- always two different ones) over from the beginning, it’s (insert the other child’s name) turn to hear their music.
  • To CJ as we sit there, “Remember you are a (car rider/bus rider- depending on the day), your lunch, snack and iPad are in your backpack, have a good day!”
  • To CJ, who only wants to wear a hoodie, “I know it’s spring but it is 30 degrees out and if it was raining it would actually be snow. It’s too cold to go without a coat.”
  • To the person who’s turn I sometimes take by accident when we are at that four way stop intersection, “I’m sorry about that!”
  • While we are sitting in the lot waiting for school to begin, “No, you cannot stand with your head and/or body sticking out of sun room. I don’t care if that small child’s dad let’s him do it.”
  • And lately to poor Beej, when we get back home, “No, we can’t play in the back yard right now. It’s (insert whichever weather is happening at the moment- cold, sleet, snow, rain, freezing winds).”

Such fun!