2018 A to Z Challenge

L is for The Little Prince #AtoZChallenge

little prince

Not long ago, I found this 1943 copy of The Little Prince in a thrift store. It caught my eye because it was obviously aged and worn. I was surprised to find it still had its dust jacket because the first thing my children did when they received a book with one was to remove it and hand it to me so i could put it in a safe place. The irony was lost on them.

I’m not familiar with the story in this book. One of the pitfalls of having early readers is that they preferred to read to themselves at a much younger age andlost out on a second chance to discover books that I might have missed myself when I was younger. This book was a favorite of my middle child, Kris. In fact, Kris went back as a teenager and read it in French. Kris’s copy is still on our bookshelf.

little prince 1

The reason that I ultimately purchased the book was because of the inscription inside. I wish it was dated. With names like Brooke and Ryan, I’m fairly certain that the book was purchased used and given as a loving gift because those names are more modern.

I have to wonder how it found its way to a thrift store. It raises so many questions for me. Were Ryan and Brooke already married when he gave her this book? Or were they dating and still in college, perhaps? And was it maybe referring to a future they might have together? Did poor Ryan jump the gun? Did Brooke end up not being a teacher? Or if they were married and more established, why would Brooke get rid of a book that her husband gave her to read to their child? Was there no child? Did they split up? I’m certain there’s a story in there somewhere!

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K is for Kind #AtoZChallenge

Our dog, Ari, was under a year old when she came to live with us and when she was three, our grandson CJ joined the family also at the age of three. We weren’t sure how Ari would be with kids or how CJ would be with a dog. It was love at first sight.

CJ has always felt a kinship toward Ari because they are close in age. We don’t have the heart to tell him that dogs age faster than children do! I have loved watching these two grow up together to the ripe old age of eight! And when little Beej was born, Ari became a “mom” and we’ve witnessed her growing into that self-proclaimed position.

Ari has taught her boys how to share and how to handle it when your playmate won’t give up a toy. She has shown them that beds, chairs and laps, no matter how small, are always big enough for one more. She instilled in them the importance of reading by being a great listener when they have shared books with her. And because of her attentiveness inside the house and in the outside world, that you always watch out for the people you love.

Most important of all, I think she taught them how important it is to be kind to others, just because it is the right thing to do. And I’m happy to report that this life lesson is coming along nicely!

“This is why every kid needs a dog and every dog needs a kid!” -Unknown

This post is doing double duty between Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and the A to Z Challenge.

Happy Saturday (from the one still behind in this challenge)!