A is for Angel #AtoZChallenge


When I set off to begin the A to Z Challenge, I didn’t expect to start off with an empty mind. I had my photos chosen and in abc order. I was ready to get to it. And then I sat down with my A photo and I had nothing to say. Not a single word. I panicked just a bit and looked at my B picture. Sparks went off and ideas darted around in my head. That was a relief because it meant that this might just be a letter block and not an entire writing block. The more you write, the more you write…. (I know- profound, right??)

I refused to be deterred and I searched through photos- ancestry- nope, architecture- nope, art- nope…. I decided to take a look in my office for inspiration and the minute I entered the room I saw her.

My little angel, content as can be, legs folded, all wrapped up in her favorite book, oblivious to the world around her, sitting with the sun beating down on her through the window.

When I placed her there a few weeks ago, it was simply impulse. She was the perfect size to sit on the window sill without interfering when the blinds were lowered. That’s all.

Seeing her there so peaceful and happy reminded me that there’s nothing wrong with slowing down and taking a few minutes to regroup or maybe even block out the world for a little while getting lost in a good book. I’ll be in a much better state of mind when I face the letter B later.



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