WPC- Weathered

weathered alice

Poor Alice has seen better days, hasn’t she? She immediately caught my eye one day when I was at a thrift store. She was grouped with a few other “Alice” items but she definitely stood out. My initial instinct was to reach out and touch her flaky exterior but I refrained, settling on lifting the price tag, curious what someone thought she was worth and hopeful that it would be a price I could justify paying. Alas, $65 seemed quite steep considering the condition the old girl was in! I wonder if anyone saw the value in her or if she’s still gathering dust, waiting for the right person to come along. And I wonder what it is about her that someone thinks makes her worth so much.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

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8 thoughts on “WPC- Weathered

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  3. Wow! This makes me think of a book that I read recently. It is called Phoebe. Its about a wooden doll a lady saw in an Antique store and it weaves a story of all its past owners. Very intriguing tale.
    I would like to have this Alice too, but no I wouldn’t pay that much for it either.

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