Elf Business

missing-twizzlerLast year our elf, Twizzler, was reported missing- Missing: One Elf. In Twizzler’s absence, another elf-Jack- was sent to watch over CJ and Beej. He was introduced to us by Ginger, my office elf. We all thought this was a temporary situation and as November came to an end, CJ began asking if I knew when Twizzler would be returning. Since we genuinely thought that Twizzler was going to be back with us long before Christmas last year, we welcomed the replacement elf but held onto the hope that our Twizzler would return!

christmas elfIt appears to be uncertain if Twizzler will ever find his way home. On December 1st, the boys came downstairs to be greeted by Ginger and Jack, along with a letter explaining that Twizzler remained away on another assignment and that Jack will be our elf for this year.

Jack is a friendly guy and Ginger, who is younger, seems to really like him. She has already expressed an interest in joining him on future adventures.

CJ still expresses sadness that Twizzler did not come back and remains hopeful that he will return one year.

Meanwhile, Jack has made himself completely at home!

And as for me? Well, I’m not going to rest until I figure out where the heck that mischievous Twizzler ran off to! “Son of a nutcracker!” -Buddy, the elf




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