One Phone Call

IMG_0473Let me start by saying- everything will be okay. Ten days ago when I answered the phone and was greeted with the words’ “Okay, so before you worry, everything is okay”- my first reaction was to panic and think the worst. Why does that happen? I’m pretty sure my knee-jerk reaction is fairly common, too.

One of my loved ones had an accident and just like that, my life shifted a bit. Posts half-written were forgotten and I have spent days at the hospital.

My loved one will be fine. Surgery was performed. Recovery will take time. Loved one will make it and so will the rest of us. I will have to make minor adjustments to my schedule and juggle little guy time with rehab and support visits.

I will have to fight to find writing time. This presents me with a challenge that I’ve struggled with for years. As I watch my loved one fight to regain every day activities, it’s inspiration to me. It also gives me hope. The progress made in such a short time- moving relatively pain-free from bed to wheelchair with one person’s help is huge!

It gives me perspective. What seemed monumental less than two weeks ago hardly matters now. Having the people you love in your life- that’s what counts.

This experience has been humbling and made me realize that everything can change with one phone call. You would be surprised at what you can let go of when the big picture comes into focus and your entire world seems to be the confines of a hospital room and the well-being of someone you love.

Before this big event I had been working on a series of posts on forgiveness. Still a work in progress, I have found that I have so much to learn. (But more on that later!)

My plan is to write more, photograph more and take advantage of this therapeutic outlet that I have at my fingertips.

I hope you are all well and your loved ones and yourselves healthy!

Talk soon


6 thoughts on “One Phone Call

  1. Glad to hear your loved one is making progress. Those sorts of calls do make you look at life and realise what is important. It’s hard to take in straight away, that such a small moment can make such a large impact on how you live the rest of your life. Hoping this leads to good things for you all.

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  2. I always brace myself whenever the phone rings after 11pm. Pretty sure your response is pretty much Universal. Glad everything is under control and your Loved One is recovering well.

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    1. Thanks! Having all of my kids out of the house, I keep my cell phone on by the bedside at night- just in case. Doesn’t it just figure that I have one kid who randomly texts me at 2a.m. just because a thought crossed their mind. They don’t realize how that makes me jump. (I came to realize they would call- not text- if it was a real emergency.)


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