Yesterday Once More

“If you were offered a recording contract, what favourite song would you record and release into the singles charts?”

This is the question posed by Hugh in his post- 51 Weeks: 51 Songs From the Past: Week 38. 

In 1973 The Carpenters released “Yesterday Once More” on the B side of their Now and Then album. This song kicked off an oldies medley that included 8 cover songs from the 1960’s as part of an old time radio show. (This video is 19 minutes long- the entirety of that side. You can stop after the first song, or listen all the way through.)

2017 Kat will be stepping aside to make room for Teen Kat to step up to the microphone.



Hi! It’s me, (Teen) Kat here. I’m here to sing the song that is going to skyrocket my name into the top selling hit charts of the year….. Okay, not really, at least I sure hope not! Since I first heard this album in the mid 70’s, I fell in love with the B side.

Let me set the scene for you- I’m Kat, I’m a teenager in the late 70’s. I’m here in my parents’ basement holding a microphone, preparing to record my own hit song. My ensemble consists of my favorite (skin tight) Jordache jeans, a tube top- which I have to pull up constantly because I don’t have anything to hold it up, and my platform sandals. When I’m here, safe in the basement away from prying eyes, I am transported to another time and place. As the song “Yesterday Once More” begins, I sing along with Karen Carpenter, walking around the room, pausing to lean against the piano to smile at Richard. I sing my heart out and in my head, my voice is as smooth, rich and beautiful as Karen’s.

As the last note fades away, the revving of the engine kicks off “Fun, Fun, Fun” and the radio segment of this side of the album. Here’s when the real fun begins. I’m working the stage with hips swaying, shaking everything I’ve got and even some stuff that I don’t when suddenly————————–

SCCCRREEECCHHHH!!!!!!!!!– No, that isn’t the phonograph needle skidding across the record album. It’s the sound of my mother opening the door to the basement and as fast as Woody and Buzz fall to the ground when Andy walks in unexpectedly, I crumple into a chair, my heart pounding while I catch my breath and try to look like I was doing something other than putting on the performance of my life. My mom gives me an indecipherable look and heads into the laundry room without a word, while I slink over to the phonograph to turn the volume down.

And there you have my flirtation with fame.

This is where I hand control back over to my older self and wave goodbye, exiting the stage area.


I might be re-thinking letting Teen Kat come out to play. I suspect she could really embarrass me! Anyway, Hugh asked and I responded. I’m still shaking my head at the tube top and mentally counting how many times I nearly broke my ankle in those blasted wooden sandals!


Thanks for sharing this time with me! Have a great rest of your weekend!


50 thoughts on “Yesterday Once More

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  4. What a creative take on Hugh’s question, Kat. Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice and I’m sure your teenaged self was up to the task of performing her material. Isn’t it great that our mothers know so much about us and still love us? They could have so much fodder for blackmail if they were to turn on us.

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  5. Love the Carpenters! Used to sing along with them on the radio all the time. My grandkids love my karaoke machine and sing along to more modern stuff now or Disney songs. Fun, fun, fun! Hmmm, makes me want to turn it on and pull out the Carpenters! hugs xx

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  6. Hello Cat, I really really loved that song., thanks a million for reminding me. Karen Carpenter had a voice like no one else, like an angel from heaven. So odd when you see films about the Carpenters, where it’s clear that Richard was the one with the musical skills and accolade. Whereas people don’t care who;s the best musician, they care about the person who can tug their heartstrings, which was always the wonderful Karen

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    • I fully agree. I was always drawn to Richard’s musicianship. Being a long time band parent as well as a piano player growing up, I’ve always had great appreciation for the part music plays in a performance. 🙂


  7. Teen Kat sounds fun. You should let her out again.
    Your post takes me back to my teenage years. In 1973 I frequently fell off my platform sandals – on one memorable occasion while working as a waitress I managed a spectacular ankle twist and threw a Prawn Cocktail into a customer’s lap. I also took driving lessons wearing my platforms – in a mini – car not skirt – well I am only 5 feet 3 inches tall 🙂

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    • Hi Eileen! I have a few of those stories myself- one being me walking at a snail’s pace across a huge stage for my piano recital in those same sandals freaking out about possibly falling only to find out that I had never worn them while playing the piano and not realizing it would difficult to push down the pedals. Fun times! I never drove in mine but I could see that being a problem, too. That’s one fashion that I will not re-visit!

      Writing this post awakened teen Kat and I suspect she has more to say. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your platform sandals story, Eileen- I feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one who didn’t quite master walking in them! 🙂

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      • 🙂 Me neither. I can’t even watch today’s teenagers tottering about on their 6 inch heels without it bringing back those memories. However did the pop stars of the day manager their stage performances? Though Elton John seemed to manage to play the piano all right in his platform boots if I remember – maybe it was different if you were playing classical music.

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  9. What a fantastic trip back to meet the teen you, Kat. Wonderful memories which I could visualise. I think many of us have done performances like this. Yes, even me, holding a hairbrush while looking into the eyes of Barbara Streisand.
    Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

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