51 Weeks: 51 Songs From the Past: Week 25: The Rolling Stones- You Can’t Always Get What You Want

As I was reading Hugh’s post for 51 Weeks: 51 Songs From the Past, I was trying to think of a song I listen to every morning but nothing came to mind. The one song that did keep running through my head this morning was the Rolling Stones 1968 hit “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. I have seven year old CJ to thank for this.

I might have mentioned that my father is responsible for nurturing a love of music in my life and that I hope that I was able to pass it on to my children.

“For every situation, there is a suitable line from a song.”

Growing up, if we said something that struck a chord with him, he would begin singing a song that he felt applied to the situation. This resulted in us all finding musical connections between everyday life and songs or maybe just song snippets that we knew. Although I continued the tradition with my children, I quickly realized that there were times when I knew a snippet, but not where it came from. This led me to dig a little deeper so when I was sharing a song, my poor kids were subjected to not only a song applying to whatever hapless comment they made but also an explanation of what the song was.

My oldest child, Michael, has carried this on with his children. It was evident the day CJ started singing “You always can’t get what you want” when his little brother protested when told no. Our first reaction was to look around at each other and ask, “Did he just sing that?” followed by “Did he say you always can’t instead of you can’t always?” Upon further investigation, we learned that his Daddy sings that song to him A LOT but the reversal of always and can’t were most likely CJ’s seven year old take on life. We have since adopted “You always can’t get what you want” as CJ’s tagline.  Oh, to be seven years old and so misunderstood!





7 thoughts on “51 Weeks: 51 Songs From the Past: Week 25: The Rolling Stones- You Can’t Always Get What You Want

  1. Children are so good at picking up lines and turning them into their something of their own version. I can remember doing the same from TV shows and getting the strangest of looks from my parents. A fun look at this week’s challenge I set you all, Kat. Long may CJ carry on entertaining you all with his taglines.

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  2. Aww such a cute story! I love hearing how the little ones say things. …We do that all the time, too. Everything reminds us of a song lyric or title, or even a line from a movie. We’ve done this as long as I can remember, and the kids, husband, and I can have whole conversations with basically just song/movie lines! 🙂 So fun!

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  3. Aww! Love CJ’s line! And what a great tradition to pass on! Our kids love music as well, for music is almost always playing in our house and the car. We do have the quiet times, but then someone will burst into song. LOL!

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