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Yesterday I Cried

It came in the mail the day before yesterday- an envelope addressed to Kris from the Secretary of State.

It holds Kris’s new license. New picture. Old gender marker.

Almost all of Kris’s ducks are in a row. All documentation is marked female. The only thing left to do is a legal name change- to Kris’s new chosen name. I’m not sure when that will happen. That doesn’t matter right now.

What does matter is that Kris’s gender marker is consistent everywhere.

I kept waiting to feel something. Anything. The last (nearly) six years have been quite a journey. Kris’s license change might not signal the end of the journey but it was still kind of big.

On the surface with the exception of Kris’s name, the last years could have not happened. And yet so much did- years of ups and down, self discovery and exploration, growth and acceptance. In our lives, all of this was HUGE. I can’t begin to count the times I was overcome with emotion through this time- when Kris came out, seeing Kris in a binder, calling Kris by a different name with male pronouns, losing people, watching Kris transform before my eyes, the first piece of mail with Kris’s new name on it, the pain when “Kerri” still showed up on mail, the first time Kris got a testosterone shot, the lower voice and shorter hair, shopping for girl clothes again, seeing Kris in a dress for the first time in years, and then the gradual emergence of Kris as they are today. All of these moments and countless others made me feel something- whether it was pain, heartache, joy, happiness, pride, anger, or determination- it was something.

So then Kris’s license came in the mail and—


What was wrong with me? Was I just numb after all that had gone on? Was I too rundown to really let the emotions free? If this didn’t tug at my heart, why didn’t I at least feel happiness or peace? Was it because it didn’t really change anything except lowering our auto insurance a little? Was it because it didn’t give me a daughter and it didn’t take a son away from me? Was it because it did not clarify anything? Did I really feel nothing?

And then yesterday, I cried.

And I don’t know why.

ducks in a row


13 thoughts on “Yesterday I Cried

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  2. Hi Kat, rollercoasters work like that, at least mine do. Whatever you feel, whenever you feel it, it’s ok (i know you know that, but we all need others to tell us that they know it too sometimes). Big Hugs from a Down Under Mum on the rollercoaster of transformation.

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  3. It’s been a long and winding journey Kris has taken you on to get where they are now. I don’t find it surprising at all that you your emotions are confusing or that you cried out of the blue. Hugs from afar and I’m going to say it again that Kris is lucky to have such a wonderful and loving mom. One day they will really appreciate what you’ve done for them if they don’t already. ❤

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  4. Hello Kat how are you doing. I’m Eric Donald I’m on here reading some military post when i saw your write up and your post they are very interesting to me so i decided to send you my email so we can know more about each other very well this is my email address please contact me….

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