The Birth of a Name or why I named my blog after a weed….

Curious about where Dandelion Fuzz came from?

Here is the original text to a follow up post I wrote about naming my blog-

Dandelion Fuzz

This post was originally Assignment 2 of Blogging 101, which was to choose a title and tagline. As I’m writing a post as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol, I wanted to link this post since it explains the origin of my blog name. I’ve tweaked it a little but it’s pretty much still in its original form.  -Kat 7/12/15

My previous title was my name and my tagline was an Agatha Christie quote- “Very few of us are what we seem.” . While I went ahead and changed the title, I struggled with a tagline. I chose Dandelion Fuzz because I’ve always loved dandelions.

I never really gave much thought to what they symbolize until recently. I started researching dandelions to find out that in addition to being a source of food and medicine, they were also known for their magic and superstitious symbols.

Dandelions appear to be so…

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