Simpler Days

This week what began as a 2 day stint watching my two year old grandson, Beej, stretched to  four. Fortunately it was a slower week in other areas of my life, so I had the time to spare.

My days were spent-

  • Playing with Thomas trains- but please know that the vintage (circa 1993) should never intermingle with the newer magnetic ones.
  • Watching Winnie the Pooh movies- Preferably Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree.
  • Standing in front of the VCR waiting for the video tape to rebobinar (since the VCR is set to Spanish)- And we do have a DVD/Blueray player, cable and Netflix but VHS tapes seem to be Beej’s favorite flicks. 
  • Carrying a flailing, protesting,  toddler through a parking lot- silently cursing the cart attendants for being so efficient that there were none in the cart corral.
  • Alternately looking for chickens up in the skylights or “Daddy climbing the ladder way up there” at Walmart
  • Confirming that Skarloey actually is Skarloey, unlike Wilbert, who obviously is not Oliver- Important stuff when you are an avid Thomas the Tank Engine aficionado.
  • Eating delectable meals, prepared in Beej’s own kitchen.
  • Reading Catch Me, Catch Me, Hippos Go Berserk, The Alphabet Book and Too Big for Diapers between 3-5 times each per day….. as well as countless other books.
  • Entertaining the folks at CVS Pharmacy trying to decipher the mysterious message Beej was trying to share that had something to do with honey pots.
  • Dashing to the bathroom, wrestling with pullups and straining to listen for any signs that Beej did indeed go potty like he insisted he did.

Although it might seem like a lot, the pace of a two year old- no matter how busy that little guy is- can be slower and simpler. It was a special time for the two of us and as always, I treasure our time together.

Have a great day!


Daily Prompt: Simple