Moving Forward

Looking back at 2016-

Family members’ health issues both physical and mental continued.

The little guys kept growing, turning 7 and 2.

The college kids flourished, growing up and a little bit more independent from us.

Our house guests moved out and we found ourselves with an empty nest, not usually so empty since the grandchicks were usually around.

I tried to find a desk for my writing space. (yes, all year)

My blog and writing took a hit. I let this get pushed to the bottom of the pile in order to be there for my family. I don’t regret a minute of it but now I know that I need to be back here, be writing. Maybe I needed to experience the last year to appreciate how much I really need to be writing.

And I wrote a book for 7 year old CJ explaining the changes he had seen in Kris. As the year progressed, Kris’s gender expression became more feminine, confusing CJ, who knew Kris as Uncle Kris. I filled the book with photos of Kris from babyhood all the way to present day and ordered copies of photo books from Walgreens. I’m happy  to report that the book was just what CJ needed and he appears to be much more at peace with the changes in Kris.

That pretty much sums up last year and brings us to what my plans are for 2017.

Write, write, write.

I want to write here regularly, and if not here every day, somewhere every day. I also want to revive my plans to write a book.

I always thought I would write about my experience having a transgender child, but no matter how many times I tried to get a handle on what I wanted to say, I came up blank.

Then yesterday I was meeting with two colleagues- J and P- regarding our policies supporting transgender and gender creative (I’m drawing a blank on what word we actually use) students. I brought Kris’s book at their request. I wasn’t looking for feedback or a pat on the back but I got both.

Now, I am very shy about people reading my writing and for whatever reason, did not fully realize that no matter how simple the book was, I was not only letting people read my writing, but I was sitting there while they read it. No, that didn’t occur to me until J began questioning me about it.- did I write it myself? did it take long? what was my process? and so on. Then he said that he felt that there was a need for a book like this. I explained that I had written it for CJ and that I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t too specific to our own family but he insisted that it stood on its own. Then P read it and agreed. Now, they aren’t in the publishing world or the transgender community but they are in education and kids are their business. And as the day went on I began to wonder if perhaps, this was the book I would be working on this year.


It looks like I have found my direction- this book.I’m not sure where to begin so I have my work cut out for me.

I will also be getting my writing space in order. After a year, I have a desk. I am working on better lighting. It’s a quiet place without distractions.

All of my excuses are falling away.  It’s time to get to work. I’m excited and scared but I also know it’s time for me to do this.

“There is no perfect time to write. There’s only now.” -Barbara Kingsolver


11 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. The book is definitely needed. There are “transition narratives” for adults and kids and there are “detransition narratives” for adults, but there is very little that describes the kind of experimentation that is necessary for some of us to find our groove. And that groove may be different at 15, 30, 45, 60 etc., and it doesn’t mean that transitioning was a mistake (it may mean that the gender binary is not appropriate). I hope that you find a way to put your book out there. Good luck.

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