Missing: One Elf


Last week when it was time for Twizzler, our Christmas Elf, to arrive, we found out that he is missing. I had been doing a deep clean in my office, where Twizzler lives when he’s not watching out for Santa and while I remember moving him to a safe location, I can’t seem to recall where that is!

img_8364Luckily, last year was the first year that Ginger, my Office Elf, showed up to watch over my office. Ginger was quick to step up to the task of covering the entire house until Gumdrop or his replacement arrives. She is younger and has much to learn about being a Christmas Elf but so far, she has proven that she is quite creative when it comes to finding new observation locations. She’s still learning the rules of “Elfing” and keeping tabs on CJ and Beej is giving her vigorous training!

We hope that Twizzler shows up safe and sound, or at least sends us a note, letting us know that he’s okay. Until that time, we look forward to meeting the new guy, who is scheduled to arrive no later than Wednesday- thanks to Ebay and fast and free shipping!


3 thoughts on “Missing: One Elf

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