Calling All Friends

I’m looking for friends. I know, it sounds a little strange and pathetic, doesn’t it?

I write under a pen name. My reasons aren’t anything exciting and if you also write under a pen name, you probably share at least one of them.

  • I am incredibly shy- in real life and here, in our blogging universe- it’s just who I am.
  • Although I have never faced a harsh word here, I’m still timid when it comes to sharing my writing.
  • If I was to write under the name I was given, I suspectย that I would face criticism from some and to be honest here, I just don’t want to hear it.
  • My children have lives of their own and I want to respect their privacy.
  • One of those children is transgender and in what could easily become a changing climate, I am protecting their identity.

Why am I looking for friends now?

When I began writing this blog, I intended to fill out my profile more and create a presence on social media that is separate from my day to day life. I created accounts all over and became overwhelmed quickly. Anyone who is connected to me through them can attest to this. ย Looking back, I realize that I took on too much all at once.

I want to be able to support and advocate for my child and the LGBT community. I really am a fierce mama bear.ย Displaying that fierceness in my day to day life will hurt my ability to help the very people I am championing. I would like to achieve a balance between expressing myself authentically (here) and doing the important behind the scenes work needed to help trans kids locally (at school).

So, I am looking to build up my tribe! If you would like to connect socially, I’m including my info below. And I am more than willing to return the favor! Since I can’t be two places as once, these will be my primary social medias with the personal ones being used for the cute little kid pics and the things people expect to hear from me in my everyday life.

If not, I understand. We live in a world where there is SO much social media and interaction that sometimes you need to draw the line.

Facebook- My profile name is Kat Carpita or you can send me a message on my Facebook page- Dandelion Fuzz (on the right sidebar)

Twitter- @katcarpita or you can find my Twitter feed here on the right sidebar

Pinterest- Kat Carpita

And a few final words-

Thank you for being here and reading my posts! Your support has given me the courage and confidence to keep writing!

Have a glorious day! I hope you are enjoying amazing weather like we are here in the Midwest!






14 thoughts on “Calling All Friends

  1. I’ll follow you on Twitter! I considered following you on Facebook too but I use my real name – also, although I use FB a lot, since the Trump victory I’ve been looking to cut down.
    I’ve only revealed my identity to one blog friend (as I have a trans child and a professional life that could lead to some conflicts of interest) but the friendship that has blossomed with that one person has been a lovely, unlikely, yet serendipitous thing for us both.
    I’ve found I instinctively trust bloggers more than, say, people on Twitter. Bloggers have already had to put themselves out there and I feel like I know them, af least a

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