NaNoWriMo, here I come!


National Novel Writing Month begins in less than nine days. Last year was a miserable failure of epic proportions. This year I am determined to do it. Unfortunately, I’m sitting here just over a week away a few short days away from the starting date with no idea what I’m writing.

The closest I have to an idea is using characters that I created over 30 years ago. Periodically I revisited them, and to my surprise there they were- all living their lives as if I hadn’t stopped writing about them. They were adults, working, some married, some parents with children of all ages. Last week I toyed with the idea of dusting them off and seeing what they have been up to since I last checked in (2007).

Once that decision was made I proceeded to rearrange my office, paint a lamp that I’ll need now that my desk is in a dark corner, get distracted inspired by the painting and start looking at what else I can spray paint, get sidetracked with the potential of using chalk paint on my future writing desk (aka an old secretary that came into my possession), squeezed in a night out and a lunch with two close friends and succeed in getting no closer to a NaNo idea.


Eventually I had to sit down and look at those old stories again. There is so much potential. Since I know that these characters have a tendency to take control of the story, I’m entering this challenge with an open mind and a loose outline.

I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge. I am determined to do this. I’m a bit queasy……

What about you? Any other NaNo participants out there? If so, are you ready?!?! Have you done any write-ins? Anyone jumping in the deep end for this first time?






8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo, here I come!

  1. Not participating, but all the best, Kat! I think all writers have the experience of characters taking on a life of their own, but often it helps to get the story flowing and you writing and not tackling old to-do lists! 🙂

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