Hiding in Plain Sight

Recently I was looking through my old posts. So much has changed in our lives since I began this blog but then I came across this one. I wrote it over 2 years ago- July 23, 2014. So many of those old posts talk about a life very different than the one we live today, but this post- it holds true even today. Thanks for stopping by!

There is a picture of my kids sitting on a bench outside of our garage. They are ages 2,5, and 7. They are all wearing baseball caps. In the original photo, Kris is wearing a pink baseball cap. I cannot remember what color her shirt is. When we went through the great picture transformation a few years ago, we were able to use some of the older photos by printing them out in black and white to disguise the obviously girl colors. Although a few tendrils of Kris’s hair hang down on the side, they aren’t really noticeable.

In the photo, Michael at age 7 is on the far left. He’s staring straight at the camera. His mouth is a thin straight line but his eyes hold the hint of a smile. (This is about the age that he began to really dislike getting his picture taken.) He is leaned…

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