The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 6.0- Embrace Your Quirkiness

My Quirky List:

  • Bracelets- I can’t wear just one, and I average 3-4 at a time. They must be on my left wrist along with my watch-nothing on the right. And there must be some correlation between them and my attire- color, pattern, material….
  • Witches, vampires, werewolves, the spirit world- and Jane Austen- These folks are my favorite people to read about although not all necessarily together. I know that there are books that combine Jane with zombies but I haven’t gone there yet.
  • Music- If you followed my A to Z challenge, then you are familiar with my varied taste in music. The music that gets me the most grief remains my late 70’s early 80’s disco love. Rapper’s Delight still thrills me as much as it did way back when.
  • Store behavior- I know, you just said, “Huh?” When I have a baby in my shopping cart, I seem to lose all inhibitions. I keep up a steady flow of dialogue that has people looking around to see who I’m talking to….and when I start singing “Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods…” well, we won’t go there. I did it with my own babies and I do it with baby Beej now.
  • Book collections- Without really noticing, I’ve acquired a very specific collection of books-Β The Velveteen Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland. And my Alice collection goes beyond books….. The quirkiness in my Alice obsession is the popular drug references in the story and the reality that I have never tried any illegal drugs in my life- ever(which seems to surprise people given my love for the story).

So, there you have it- Quirky Kat in a nutshell. To see more lists, check out The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 6.0- Embrace Your Quirkiness.

15 thoughts on “The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 6.0- Embrace Your Quirkiness

  1. LOL! Isn’t it funny how we act when around babies! Love it! and love Jane Austen! Can’t say much about the vampires and werewolves but hey if you like them that is fine πŸ™‚ And I already knew that we have some same musical tastes, cause of your posts. Great post!
    When you have a chance check out my “In a perfect world…” post , I touched the issue of school shootings. Didn’t mean it to go that direction but it did. Which inspired my Canadian friend to comment and question the issue with the US and guns. Not a easy answer! But if you want to put in your opinion please feel free to πŸ™‚

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      • I have a reading group of 2nd graders every year and this story is one that we read. The first time I read it after my kid came out as transgender it hit me so hard that I could barely read it. It had always affected me but I was struck by how meaningful those words were when applied to transgender people.

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