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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24- Hats

My kids, Andrew and Kris, have always been avid hat wearers. While Andrew has settled into collecting yellow baseball caps, Kris’s collection covers a wide range. The most recent hat is a floppy one, which will shade his head nicely this summer.

My babies came home from the hospital wearing a cute little baby hat (not the hospital cap but an actual hat that tied) and from that point on, always wore hats outside. Being fair skinned, they needed that extra protection from the sun- especially Michael and Andrew, who got buzz cuts every spring. Now that they are grown up, Michael rarely wears one but Andrew always does and Kris is hit or miss, depending on the weather.

Since I don’t want Michael to be left out, I’m sharing his hat, which sits in our living room right now. He came home from work one day and said, “My helmet got run over.” I asked if his head was in it at the time, not overly concerned because he was fine and actually waited an hour before sharing this information. I would like to think that if he had been injured we would find out just a little bit sooner. He assured me that he was not wearing it but would be needing a new one. After laying out the groundwork, he brought in his helmet. Just a reminder of the importance of a helmet….and how incredibly strong those helmets are!


This post was in response to Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24- Hats.




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8 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24- Hats

  1. “Was your head in it at the time”

    Made me laugh, although with all the bikers in my life, I recognize the importance of this equipment.

    Great pic.

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      1. Ha it would be pretty clear if his head was in it. Yea. This is taking a horrible turn. I love the bikers 🙂 I hope he has a nice new helmet.

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