The Great Book of Lists: Chapter 5.0- I am currently…

I am currently…

Loving… the quiet of my house this morning.

Eating…  nothing.

Drinking… chai tea, hoping that the caffeine gets my brain working!

Watching… the clock- we are leaving soon.

Going… to take Kris back to school for the summer semester.

Reading… a lot of school policy and administrative procedure on gender identity.

Texting… my best friends offering and receiving support.

Playing… catch up with my notifications.

Working… on staying calm.

Listening… to someone who is moving around in the kitchen…ending my quiet.

Thanking… God that it is going to be a beautiful day!

Planning… to escape for some much needed rest in the near future.

Wondering… when the tide is going to turn.

Feeling… overwhelmed.

This is the latest Chapter- 5.0 I am currently-in The Great Book of Lists hosted by La duchesse d.Erat.

thank you

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