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W is for “Wait”

Blogging From A to Z Challenge: W

Wait– Get Set Go

beejWhen Baby Beej was born, we spent a lot of time together while his parents were working and big brother, CJ, was at school. That’s when I discovered Grey’s Anatomy and the joy of Netflix. Beej grew to love the songs that played in the background but his favorite was always the theme song- Cosy in the Rocket. The minute he heard the opening chords of the song, he could be quieted from a full screaming fit. When we rocked at nap time and bed time, I started playing some of the slower songs and before long we had a set playlist we followed. These songs were guaranteed to relax and/or knock him out. The problem was he was supposed to finish his bottle but rarely did because he would be lulled to sleep. I realized that he loved hearing his songs but I needed something to add to the beginning of our playlist while he had his bottle. And that became- Wait by Get Set Go. He knows when he hears this song that it’s time for his bottle and that nap time is on the horizon.

Beej’s Playlist:

  • Wait– Get Set Go
  • Whatever Gets You Through the Night– The Radio (if more bottle time is needed)
  • How to Save a Life– The Fray (this kicks off the relaxing period)
  • Chasing Cars– Snow Patrol
  • A Cold Wind Blows Through Your Door– Bill Ricchini
  • The Story– Brandi Carlile
  • Keep Breathing– Ingrid Michaelson
  • Breathe in Breathe Out– Mat Kearney
  • Grace– Kate Havnevik

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