Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20- Solitude

bw solitude
Ari, Netflix and a warm crocheting project

What a timely topic! My son, along with his wife and two children, moved in with us temporarily six months ago. It was supposed to be for a month, maybe two. They moved in one month after my college kids left and my husband and I were looking at an empty nest. The last six months have been less than empty…. This time has been a blessing, giving us precious time with our grandsons but it comes with a price.

When spring break arrived and I was looking at an empty calendar, I took advantage of the free time and ran away from home, with my trusty furry sidekick in tow. Ari and I have been spending lots of time doing absolutely nothing while we cherish our solitude. The weather has not been on our side with freezing temperatures and snow forecasts but the silence has been heavenly!

Please be sure to visit Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20- Solitude to check out everyone’s own versions of solitude and details on how to participate.



6 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 20- Solitude

    1. She is! If she had her way, we would be sitting in that chair 24 hours a day. Sometimes when I’m busy with something else, she stares at me meaningfully, as if to say “Don’t you really want to be snuggled up in that chair with me?”

      I am enjoying this solitude SOOOO much. I’ll be sorry to have it end later today.

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      1. That is something that I’m still learning to recognize and act on. When I hesitated to take this time (because my son would need a babysitter during the week), my husband flat out said, “NO. You need this.” He is right and I need more time like this. 🙂

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