Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18- Sweet

Isn’t Pinterest great? The possibilities are endless! You can inspire yourself with motivational quotes and articles. You can find projects and ideas that could keep you busy for the rest of your life. Or it can give you something to dream about to pass the time.

I’m a failure in the kitchen. I just can’t get anything right but looking at these cookies I thought, hey, 3 ingredients? How hard can that be? Looking at the picture,they look sweet….very sweet. Those 3 easy ingredients? Cake mix, Cool Whip and one egg. Yeah, probably REALLY sweet once you roll them in powdered sugar and add sprinkles.

image1 (1)

SOOOOOOOO, there’s my end result.* It’s okay to cringe or snicker. They are undercooked and flat and floppy. And actually the only thing that was right is the sweetness. They aren’t sickeningly sweet.

I just had to share my “Pinterest Fail” when I saw this week’s Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18- Sweet. You can check out the guidelines to participate in this fun challenge and to check out all the entries.

* Here is a screenshot of the original pin… you can see where my cookies fell a bit short. IMG_3328


5 thoughts on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 18- Sweet

    1. It’s whipped topping that is often used on ice cream sundaes. It’s very light and not overly sweet. Since the cookies were a bit gooey (due to being baked too long/too little/twice, they will either last the dunking or break in half with a solid splash into the tea. 🙂

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      1. I didn’t get the chance….. little CJ panicked when he saw that all the cookies were being eaten by someone other than him and made me promise that he could have the last two.

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